I went to Cambridge you know

OK wow, yes, I think I want to go to Cambridge now

The shadowing scheme was excellent. Well, everyone agreed that the central organisation was rather weak in places so it really depended who you got assigned to stalk for the duration – I was lucky enough to get Krishna – a wonderful first year mathmo (ur, Maths student) who was a brilliant shadowee.

I stayed in his college, Gonville & Caius College, which I already feel fondly about compared to the others. (It’s surprisingly how quickly the college rivalries rub off on you!) I had the experience of sitting in the front row of a Cambridge Maths lecuture… of which I understood nothing, understandably. So I started noticing other things. Like the way one of the professors wrote out all the equations without any prompts whatsoever. And how the other stopped half way through to read Valentine’s limericks. And how someone pronounced graph as graff but otherwise had no Northern accent whatsoever. And the fact that the lecturer used the phrase ‘take it to the other side’ which my Maths teacher loathes. Ha!

I also got to go punting (Hooray! And I got to try it myself too! Pictures possibly to follow) and attend Krishna’s Maths supervision. A supervision is an almost direct tutoring with one or two students just going through the work, and usually without a little Sixth Former perched on a chair behind them. “Have you done any work on continuity yet?” he asked politely, while my shadowee laughed. I should have pointed out that until last term I didn’t know that differentiation existed.

All this aside – there’s no way I’ll get to Cambridge or anywhere else unless I actually do some school work. It feels like so long since I was at school I feel so out of it, but I’m sure on Monday everyone will delight in piling me with the work that I missed.

And I almost left out the story of how I got to Cambridge in the first place. I was going with Promise and booked coach tickets. Unfortunately she was slightly late due to bus delays so we missed it. Literally, I was running after it trying to catch up but to no avail. However – clear head in a crisis and all that – I thought to buy train tickets instead and we made it in time. Phew!

Talking of London transport, I got bored of paying adult Oyster fares so I finally got around to getting a 16-17 photocard for even cheaper Oyster.

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I went to Cambridge you know

  1. Will says:

    Too tired to read the rest but why the hell didn’t you have a 16/17 photocard in the first place?

  2. Red Dalek says:

    I didn’t know they existed. And then I asked for one at Pimlico while waiting for someone and was told they didn’t exist. Thank goodness for the good people of Willesden Green

  3. Will says:

    Understandable lol.

    All these fares and discounts, etc… confuses me all the time!

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