Manhattan Skyline

New York! Hurrah!

Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline

Half Term has come a week early for me, since I’m off to New York for a week on Sunday It is a school thing, but it’s going to be so much fun. I’ve got my shipment of dollars right here (it feels like Monopoly money! hehe!) ready to spend in the city that never sleeps. I don’t really know many people who are going, but it’s a small group (under twenty people) and they all seem very nice so I’m sure we’ll get along. And if not, we’re in New York! Who cares?!

Oh and Alex, I’m sure I’ll run into you. There are only, what, 19 million people? Watch out for me

Incidentally, teachers wishing to send me homework should use the contact form here. Yes, I’ve already had people saying they’ll do that. But don’t expect I’ll get anything done on the plane!

Right right… I’ve got to Americanise myself. We’ve already been warned that they take tipping rather more seriously than us, and that people on the subway don’t have the same London instinct to stay quiet and stare at the middle distance right between other passengers when travelling. Oh – and that in New York, you have to be 21 to drink and that yes, they do enforce that and yes, you will get in trouble if you break it. Apparently.

We get back on Friday morning. Not sure if they’ll be blogs in the meantime, but have a lovely week anyway

Incidentally – when is the visa waiver form going to stop asking if I was a Nazi?

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New York! Hurrah!

  1. Jake says:

    Wow, NEW YORK! I’ve been there twice and off again in December, hope you have a good time! Oh and you must go to Roxys for the best cheesecake :p and other cakes too

  2. Will says:

    Yay. You’ll love it I’m sure.

    You’re right about tipping. If you get a taxi, make sure you give a tip or they’ll drive away whilst you’re getting out! Also, for hotels, it’s a dollar a bag. So hold onto your luggage and say ‘I’m fine doing it myself sir’! They won’t be too ashamed to say right to your face ‘That’s not enough, it’s a dollar a bag’ as they did to me!

    Another thing, you’re right about the subway. Our first journey to the world trade center station and we were wondering how many stops it was. A man overheard and thought he’d chat to us for the whole journey about getting around Manhattan.

    Don’t hold a map and don’t open your mouth and you’ll be fine

    Also, get a pretzel

  3. Alex Newman says:

    I’ll look for you
    They do enforce it, but its not hard to find a place to drink, but you have to know what you’re doing.
    As for the subway, I stare at people all the time and no one does anything (I’m only half joking).

  4. Jake says:

    Yeah, Pretzels are nice i had a pizza flavoured one, i had to buy another one. My taxi journey back to the airport was $100! something to do with the Transit Strike that was goin on

  5. Rob says:

    It’ll be good!
    Be sure to grab a few snaps whilst there too

  6. Josie says:

    Have fun!! How shall i cope without you . Bring me backa pressie!

  7. Jake says:

    Maybe a I survived a New York City cab ride t-shirt? i got one of them or a i love new york coffe mug

  8. Lucy says:

    I like pretzels.

    Had one in Germany. Will try not to miss you too much

  9. Alex Newman says:

    Yeah, the transit strike
    That was a fun 3 days lol
    Don’t worry, its over now

  10. Jake says:

    lol it was fun, it was mental outside the hotel

  11. Pingu says:

    Have a great time, Dom – I was over there last year and it was fantastic. Cunt.

  12. Will says:

    I got that T-shirt as well Jake! Got it in the shop in Times Square. When I went to the airport wearing it, all the staff at the airport couldn’t stop laughing. They couldn’t stop ‘cos of the man at the back screaming with his hands up

    Think I might put it on now…

  13. Jake says:

    lol, i went in a shop on times square, cudda been the same one. When you go in the shop theres a security guard stood rite near ya lol

  14. Will says:

    That’s right lol. The tills are at the back of the shop and the T-Shirts on the left. I think there was an upstairs but I can’t remember.

  15. Jake says:

    Yeah lol, my mum brought a new york taxi fridge magnet or something from there. They’ve also got funny sayings on the t-shirts about women and stuff which i wont say in this blog because it’s too rude!

  16. Josie And Lucy says:


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