Punting in the Cambridge sun

Punting Photo

Punting in the Cambridge sun

Punting in the Cambridge sun

Cheers to the lovely Claire Hawkin for putting the photos from last weekend online.

So, who watched The Apprentice then? I have to admit I’ve given up on Desperate Housewives but this was as entertaining as ever. As expected they picked stronger women this time leaving the guys confused and failing to get along, and despite the somewhat questionable tactics from the girls, did not rise to the challenge. Still – we all know who needs to depart from each team in future. Syed and Jo, they must go!

Right, enough TV ranting, got work to do

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Punting Photo

  1. Jake says:

    You’re probably thinking why is he commenting at this time in the morning, well to be truthful i couldnt get to sleep. Just seen a few pictures on Claires site and the building itself looks absolutely splendid!

    I’d love to wake up in the morning and enough the views

  2. bored monarchy says:

    your probably wondering how many bullets ive shot, five or six? just answer me this one question

    do you wear nappys?

    well do ya?


  3. Jake says:

    Sorry to disappoint you but no, i dont wear nappys

  4. Red Dalek says:

    I think I’ll just shake my head slowly…

  5. olly says:

    hey dom,
    did you know that the picture was in the
    qpcs news!i thought it was quite entertaining


  6. Lucy says:

    Once again – what a pose.


  7. Jane says:

    The Apprentice – Donald Trump. My dear, we are one. I am sad / ashamed to admit that I am addicted to the show – and have watched all 4 seasons. But hey my family are into property and he give good advice.

    Even worse I use it it my careers class and now my students are hooked.

    I am a bad person.

    MS Biddlecombe

  8. Red Dalek says:

    Ooh we have our own version of The Apprentice over here Not Donald Trump, but Sir Alan Sugar (he doesn’t have the same questionable attraction to really ugly interior design)

    Nice to hear from you too!

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