78% like short shorts

That’s according to my break time survey today. I have been doing proper work otherwise, honest Oh and also: I got two photos in this week’s Queens Park News. Two.

I’d also like to steal Lucy’s idea (well technically I thought of it myself!) and use MSN’s ’31 ways to use your blog’ to make a post. Here we go!

1. Keep a daily journal of your life.
Today I had Physics and Maths before going home at lunchtime to eat hot hot pizza.

2. Post a quote du jour.
“After the game, the king and the pawns go in the same box” (Oh and if you will use strange foreign words I’m not going to understand hence I just stuck with ‘quote’ )

3. Document your daily successes.
Pointing out our Maths teacher’s graph of cosine was wrong.

4. List your goals.
Get Olly to quit smoking.

5. Describe a recent adventure.
Well, I started by going back in time and killing my great grandfather… then things started to go wrong.

6. Compliment a friend.
Clare, nice hair.

7. Write a restaurant review.
There’s a nice Italian restaurant on Willesden High Road. You should go there, because it looks suspiciously empty a lot of the time and I don’t want it to close.

8. Detail a recent date.
23rd February 2006, it was yesterday. The 23 means the twenty third day of the month, which happens to be the second one in a cycle we call a ‘year’ which relates to the Earth orbiting the Sun once.

9. List your favourite hang outs.
The hall at break! Well it was, until all these ‘uniformed’ people started showing up. Damn the masses.

10. Share a poem of yours.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
If P sin 25 = Q sin 25
Then P = Q

11. Offer tips in your area of expertise.
If a strange message comes up on your computer, don’t click yes. Ever.

12. Write about your favourite hobby.
I quite enjoy blogging y’know.

13. Describe a class you’re taking.
Our Physics teacher enjoys giving us lessons in Communism. It’s rather good.

14. Review a movie.
Go see Munich! Don’t take your girlfriend!

15. Gossip about celebrities, coworkers, or friends.
Fabio did what at the party?!

16. Outline your diet and exercise plan.

17. Share interesting bits of information.
The closest animal to a human genetically is a Bonobo. They’re obsessed with sex of any and all descriptions.

18. Rate a book you’ve read.
‘Core 2 for AQA’ is a worthy sequel to Core 1 for AQA.

19. Describe your dreams.
I’ve stopped remembering them cause I can’t go back to sleep in the mornings any more. Sorry.

20. Write an editorial about a current event.
Prince Charles is a political dissident! I love that! I mean, he’s a rebel. Sticking it to the Man. He’s working against the system from the inside. Exactly like Che Guevara really, only heir to the British throne.

21. Ask questions of other bloggers.
Do you like short shorts?

22. Share jokes and funny stories.
Ur, I’ll let Scoble tell you the best blonde joke ever.

23. Describe a project you’re working on.
“To what extent did Britain’s experience in the Middle East from 1917-1956 demonstrate her limitations as a world power?” Of course when I do write the essay I shall replace ‘her’ by ‘it’ in the question to comply with Dominic’s Style Guide.

24. Tell heart-warming pet stories.
OK, so we let Tom Cat out… and then he wants to come in again… and then he wants to go out again… ad infinitum! Haha!

25. Offer dating or parenting advice.
Never ever ground your children. The last thing you want is for them to be stuck in the same building as you.

26. Write a short story.
Once upon a time there was a man called Anthony. Anthony had a teddy bear he loved very much called Suez. But one day, a nasty little boy called Gamal took the teddy bear and said it was his own, and all because Anthony had left it in his room for just a century or so. Anthony got very mad and stamped his feet and decided to throw sand at Gamal to try and get his teddy back. But Anthony’s big brother Dwight told him to stop being so silly and get out of Gamal’s room, and then maybe he wouldn’t keep having problems. The End.

27. Speculate about the direction of the stock market.
After seeing the future economic potential of Britain’s young people? Dooooooooooown!

28. Highlight your favourite clothing stores.

29. Share a mouth-watering recipe.
Toast + Butter + Cheese = Mmmmm toasted sandwich

30. Post a photo of the day.
Please refer to the previous post for photographic material.

31. Share twenty things others should know about you.

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78% like short shorts

  1. This is truly fabulous, well done. And yes, yes I do like short stories.

  2. Lucy says:

    Mine was better

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