Jason – Before and after

All your Rummikub are belong to us

It’s a bit of a ‘what happened next’ post tonight. For anyone following the exciting Rummikub series I mentioned last time, Katie won on Monday and I won on Tuesday and Wednesday. Assuming the last match is tomorrow (and it will be unless Mum is delayed, so please don’t be ) I’ll have a minimum of 3/5 and therefore overall majority and victory! Hooray!

It has also come to my attention that many of you have not played Rummkiub.

Jason – Before and after

Jason – Before and after

Right, onto the Jason hair saga. Well we now have (low quality, but exclusive) photographic proof at right. Gasp in shock, ye reader!

What else has been happening? Well in English we’re reading A Woman of No Importance which has a peculiar train of argument in it so far: “Men and women have pre-marital sexual affairs, but it’s only the woman who gets shamed and ostracised. (So far, so Christina Aguilera) In the interests of equality, let’s punish the men too!”

I’m having difficulty working out whether making each gender feel equally guilty about sex is a progressive or regressive step

Oh and talking of progressive steps, a little woo to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Should creationism be taught in schools? “I don’t think it should, actually. No, no.” Nice one. You were wrong about selective schools, but nice to have the Church onside for once.

Regular MSN chatees will know of my fondness for a Quote of the Day, but a few days ago I stumbled across something truly exceptional that I’d like to end with, from MediaGuardian:

“I was watching with a school friend and we wanted to see something fun but then there were all these horrible pictures of naked people.”

And on that note, goodnight!

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16 Comments on :
All your Rummikub are belong to us

  1. romeo says:

    Yes you done it jason, be proud you look normal.

    (what is normal? i don’t know but you do look normal.)

  2. GOD says:

    NO! Cover it up!

  3. lu says:

    hey hey
    i liked it long, n u didnt luk like a girl.
    it still luks kool tho hun.

  4. nobody says:


  5. lauren says:

    OMG praise the lord ure hair looked like mine ( not as well conditioned ) lol but OMG thank god it looks soooooo much betta sorry ta say ya looked like a poodle b4 !!!
    lauren xxx

  6. mandi says:

    fair play i dont really knw ya. but it luks very smexyful i love 2 stroke freshly shaven heads i fink it feels gorge lol yeh im weird o well innabit

  7. Budd says:

    ha, look i proper looked like a bird, not anymore.

    £5 to anyone who can name what the statue on the top right hand corner of the pic is of, its a place an island.

  8. 47 says:

    who are u?

  9. NeoCarvi says:

    pretty cool shame you didnt keep your hair and make a pillow out of it….

  10. Ollie says:

    ohhhh my darling jason….your an angel in disguise my dear mwah mwah mwah xxx

  11. Congrats on Rummikub!

    Jason – WO, that’s different…really rather fab though.

    *Best* quote ever, seriously

    And t3h title:


    Good Hair Lad, a very fab improvement next moving on to the glasses, u shudda gone to specsavers

  13. Ice Cream Man says:


  14. me says:

    its the isle if wright budd

  15. raech says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooo tis is torture. All oyur hair best have gone towards a wig to a bold guy. ugh short hair………………….. you best grow that back?

  16. Maya says:

    Why’d you cut your hair off!?!?!?!?

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