Much Hilarity

Today was a rather amusing day on several counts aside from being March 20th (although apparently March 14th counts too, so says Wikipedia, those with no idea what I’m talking about should discard this sentence.)

The first incident occurred in History where we entered to find the board defaced with some frankly immature messages implying that they disliked the school, that they preferred certain sexual positions and most notably a charming phallic illustration. So far so good. However, one member of the class did not appreciate the illustration, taking a full 15 minutes to catch on. Apparently, he\she had viewed it as ‘An A with two 0s’

Rest assured said person will now bear that catchphrase for the rest of his\her life.

Our assembly today took place in the gym with us all sat at little exam desks so we could do a little Reasoning Test for a university researcher, but first Mr. Birch came to sell PhotoReading once again. And denounced me! “SOMEONE in this hall I know doesn’t agree with PhotoReading, questions the ETHICS of PhotoReading…” as I sat at the back grinning. (For the record it was very nice and good natured and don’t shoot me!)

Well here’s the deal. There are perfectly valid techniques which I’m sure you pick up on these courses. Skim reading, scanning, concentration, etc. If you want this, go for it! I have, however, a healthy scepticism of the ‘PhotoReading’ component which has – as far as I can see – never undergone a scientific peer-review.

So that’s that. Have a lovely afternoon.

P.S. Oooh I nearly forgot! Mum has gone away for the week so we perform the ancient tradition of Dad, Tash, Katie and I playing Rummikub each night. And I won the opening match! Woot

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4 Comments on :
Much Hilarity

  1. Lucy says:

    Happy March 20th!

  2. Ice Cream Man says:

    I don’t understand, are you Welsh by any chance?

  3. Rob says:

    Always fun saying no
    And yay, Spring (I think!)

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