See, I am real after all!

London Adventure

Woo hay! This morning at around 7.30 I got up, which may sound unremarkable but Nic’s RV crew had all been up since about 3 in the morning to get a coach to London. So I hopped along to meet them. There was actually something weird about seeing people in real life for the first time actually. A bit like meeting a celebrity from TV, but with added Brummie accents.

See, I am real after all!

See, I am real after all!

(Photo shamelessly stolen from Josie’s photo album by the way, check that out.)

So, we all headed on the wonderful Tubular Railway – me with my Oyster card and everyone else with those amusing paper tickets. And we went to Oxford Street so people could shop, and then on to Westminster for the touristy things like looking up at Big Ben and the London Eye and going “Oh look, it’s Big Ben and the London Eye.” Far more interesting was the tail-end of those anti war protests which we ran into. And nicked some of their posters!

I’ve also been asked to announce on the blog that Jason will be shaving off his hair. Nice, Jason. I also need to take a moment to denounce the cynical marketing strategy that GG has adopted. After some initial high-brow podcasts, a character called ‘No Name Toony’ was brought in in an obvious attempt to sell some merchandise to small children later on. I am disgusted. Vent your anger at GG by all going and listening to his podcasts now.

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London Adventure

  1. Romeo says:

    If that is the Jason that I know he anit going to cut of his hair. if he does i will have a party because i have been trying to cut his hair for a long time since Gorden Brown.

  2. Wonderful, although this reminds me of a question I fogot to ask ages ago; how *did* you meet Nic? If it’s not fabulously exciting make it up and email me the real verision

    And might I add that I’m shocked and disappointed by the lack of intriguing home page links imposed over the ever changing photo…*sniff*

  3. Alex Newman says:

    I’d say getting up at 7:30 on a weekend is very remarkable

  4. Andy says:

    I wanted to come, but was otherwise engaged. So I’m looking forward to the next time we come down and visit! Maybe you can come up to us one time?

  5. Red Dalek says:

    Romeo, O Romeo – Well, that’s what he said. If he doesn’t I suppose we’re entitled to ambush him and shave it all off anyway?

    Alex T – How did I meet Nic? We were both involved in an assasination attempt against George Galloway… (no, that’s a JOKE George) actually it was through, strange as it may seem

    Andy – All I can say is keep your eye on RV in the future…

  6. Andy says:

    Cough Cough
    Wink Wink
    Nudge Nudge

  7. Queer says:

    Dom, you got any smokes?

  8. queer says:

    Your gonna be called The Musings of a Smoking Dalek

  9. Red Dalek says:

    Let’s leave the branding decisions to the experts shall we?

  10. Lucy says:


    Alton Towers. ALTON TOWERS.

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