Blogging about blogging (and promotional guff)

News just in: they teach blogging in schools now! Wow Well apparently they do here, since my blog is being held up as some kind of template for the Year 8s to follow. Interesting.

I wonder if it’ll work. Can you ‘tell’ people to write a blog? Will that ruin the fun? Will you end up with a class of MySpace accounts? Apparently, the teacher who asked me about this (howdy to you Sir) believes that blogging is an ‘important literary movement’… is it, or is just a bunch of *shifty eyes* emotional outbursts about dead cats?

Oh who cares, anything promotional is fine by me!

This, incidentally, is a strange little semi-promotional video (edit – I say semi-promotional, but in their infinite wisdom, Google seem to have cut off the final caption. ‘Love it’ was the strap line, with Oh well.) I made at the beginning of the holidays. It doesn’t mean anything, the soundtrack is stolen from Sonic the Hedgehog and you’re only losing about ten seconds of your life by watching it. So go on, I dare you.

It was back to school and ‘real work’ today, and I can actually feel myself slipping back into work mode quite easily which is reassuring. Still have rather a lot of Maths work to do for Friday, but it’ll come, it’ll come…

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Blogging about blogging (and promotional guff)

  1. Alex Newman says:

    My teacher last year was going to make us have blogs, but then he forgot about it so it didn’t happen.
    I think that making someone have blogs for school wouldn’t work, because its hard (for me at least) to write a blog which wouldn’t curse out all of my teachers at least once.

  2. Crash says:

    At least if blogging is taught in schools then ther e will hopefully be less blogs like this:’wel i went 2 skol n it ws k but borin’ and more blogs like this. Well i went to school and it was ok but a bit boring’. Save us from the first!

  3. Nic says:

    Or even people who analyse instead of just writing a list of events. Eh?

  4. I do not wish to say... says:

    By the way Dominic, have a search engine on your website….it would be so much easier to access information and archives…. who agress with me! Just type "MOI!"…lol.

  5. Rob says:

    There’s allready a search for this Blog

  6. Ooops my url isn’t working

    Allow me to rephrase; you could always just do: [search terms]

  7. …and you could always just do!

    I really can’t imagine a whole class of year 8’s writing a blog; most writing the kind of thing Crash mentioned, 48% shamelessly rewriting your posts and the rest, being seasoned bloggers are writing away…themselves blogging about blogging! One point: there’s no way I’d get a MySpace account, even for school!

    Um…I don’t really *get* your video

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