Dominic versus ‘plant sperm’

As Fabio would call my hay fever, which has returned with a vengeance after seemingly lying dormant for a few years. Dammit, get out of my eyes! It’s making me look rather tearful, or stoned, or both.

Went to see HIGNFY again yesterday, which was actually rather better than the week before. Julian Clary, master of the ‘single entendre’ (as Hislop points out!) was a very charming and affable host. Best bit – the editing at the end to avoid Paul Merton’s libel and slander about a certain ‘always drunk’ person. Hehe.

I also learnt something last night. If you’re tired, sneezing silly from a stupid cold, bleary eyed from hay fever and struggling to finish off some Maths work – then watching Local Elections coverage until 2am will not make you better. In fact, it may make you much worse. It’s never fun to see Tories win, even if Labour didn’t go into complete meltdown. And as for the BNP… I’m actually of the opinion that they were hyped before the election unnecessarily. They are not a parliamentary force. They can be frozen out of council meetings. Do not give them more media attention that they deserve to make them appear as a credible ‘protest’ vote when they stand on an openly racist manifesto, end of story. And even this is too much about the BNP, so let’s move on.

Election consolation? In Brent, we actually saw the Tories lose seats

As for the reshuffle? Ur, Blair, wake me up before you go go to quote Wham, who just delightfully appeared on my playlist.

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Dominic versus ‘plant sperm’

  1. Alex Newman says:

    I sympathise (with the allergy part, the rest I have no idea what you’ talking about)

  2. Treacle Tart says:

    Wake me up before you go go, nothing better than a cup of coco and watching the tories lose like a bunch of gooneys

    Nice blog title matey!

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