Physics Practical. You take a little bit of Physics, stamp on it with studded boots and throw it off a cliff, whereby it is urinated on by utterly sadistic and annoyingly muddy two-horned goats before being mailed to Michael Winner in a brown paper envelope. And that’s how much I like it, although the percentage uncertainty is probably way off.


Other than Physics Practical, things are quite alright. Year 9 SATs started today (best of luck, my little Year Ninelings) whilst revision continues apace for AS. Today our History teacher took the unprecedented step of actually apologising for telling us off, which must be a sign that either we’ve cracked, or he’s cracked, or we’ve both cracked under the pressure.

Utterly unrelated to all of that, I just wanted to call out today’s Quote of the Day for further examination. You see, it turns out the Boy Scouts of America refuse to let in three very dangerous and subversive groups into their organisation (either as Scouts or as employees) – girls, gays and the godless. Seriously. One guy was given one week to find god or get out. Although the attitude scares me, it did conjure up an amusing image of someone deciding to leave it to the last minute. “Oh, I’ve got a week, I’ll find god tomorrow…”

Finally – shout to, ooh I don’t know, Clare for her new ‘blacker the than the deepest night’ hair (very cool) and Rishal, because coupled shout outs are lovely and sweet, and also because he stopped me actually dying after Physics Practical. Physics Practical? We go through our mock tomorrow! Oh joy…

– Dommy
(Clare being the only person in the world to call me this)

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  1. Jake says:

    Dommy Dodgers, Jake only the person in the world to call you this!

  2. Alex Newman says:

    About the Quote:
    I’m not in the boy scouts, but in elementary school I knew a girl in the boy scouts. And my dad was in them and he was Jewish, I don’t know if that counts. I’ve never heard this before, seems weird
    About the girl thing though, there are girl scouts too (i think?) so that part isn’t that bad.

  3. Josh says:

    I wonder if they allow male workers or members of in the Brownies. Also what made the history teachers apology even more interesting was that we did kinda deserve it and we didn’t protest in anyway.At least it shows he care’s about uor feelings though

  4. Katie Self says:

    DOM, COME HERE! me being the only person to say this, glad you’re enjoying phsics practical.

  5. clare says:

    what do you mean by coupled shout outs?

  6. Red Dalek says:

    Shout outs for couples!

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