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Who is Dominic?

Philosophical! It’s also one of the questions on a piece of homework given to some poor children at school about my blog, I am reliably informed. (If you’re wondering, the others ask about its formal \ informal \ factual \ entertaining content etc etc.) Which is rather cool but also slightly worrying in case I get attacked by hordes of angry Year 8s on Tuesday.

Anyway, it reminded me that I really should blog so that any homeworkees have some formal \ informal \ factual \ entertaining content to use.

On Friday, I went to ‘Buuuurmingum’ by coach and then hopped on a bus (number 63, blog fact fans!) to get to Rubery. The journey was very easy and I even managed to read some Carol Ann Duffy poetry on the coach, although I did get off one stop too far at the end and found myself smack bang in suburbia next to ‘a small green shed’ (later Nicolaski informed me this was a bus stop.)

Anyway, we spent the night on Beacon hill with our pic-a-nic. Nic bought a quiche but no knife, Josie set fire to things (illegally – don’t try this at home) whilst Lucy bled from her feet that stained her shoes. But it was great fun so thanks to everyone who trekked up there.

Lucinda and The Hill

Lucinda and The Hill

(And there are a few more photos on Nic’s flickr.)

Stayed the night at Nic’s house, got asked about London house prices (think of a number, double it, add some zeros and multiply by ‘a lot’) and discussed accents with the family. Actually – joking aside – it does worry me if people feel they have to ‘lose’ certain accents to get jobs in the media, or elsewhere, because of the stereotypes attached. That’s not good. Who knows, maybe one day it will flip round and I’ll have to start saying ‘baath’ before people will listen to me?!

On Saturday Josie, Lucy, Nic and myself went back into the city centre, met up with Sean, and saw some Birmingham sights before I left at 2pm – carefully timed so that I could get back to home sweet home, eat pizza and watch Doctor Who. Now that’s what I call planning. Oh, and I also saw local news in the making – the guy asked me ‘Don’t you have litter picks in London then?’ to which I could only reply ‘No, we have litter.’

Finally, yesterday was Middle Class Luncheon (TM) with – most importantly – homemade chocolate brownies. Which can only mean one thing. Homemade chocolate brownie leftover icing mix! Yum! (Anyone mentioning this for homework should be very careful not to tell my sisters.)

The End. For Now.

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7 Comments on :
Who is Dominic?

  1. Jake says:

    I cannot relate to anything except the last paragraph so here goes; YAY FOR CHOCOLATE BROWNIES! :p:p

  2. Crash says:

    With your picnic did you take a flask or a flaaask!

  3. Lucy says:

    Neither a flask or a flaask

    Nic took a quiche, though.

  4. Well, now that you’re homework you’d better be a great person *behind the blog*. I’m sure you don’t want;
    Who is Dominic? Dominic is a mean horrible bitch, he blanked he in the corridor when I tried to ask him about his writing style five minutes before the lesson.

    Rubery looks like twas fun, but errr – no photos of with you? Ye be lying perhaps, and Nic&Co and all just a figment of your imagination? Proof Dominic, Proof!

    You’ll have to explain "Middle Class Luncheon" to me later. I can only hazard a guess that it’s the Sixth Form equivelent of teh pwg…but I shall see. Oh, and the email to Tasha’s sent

    *Remember kiddies – mention Alex Trafford as a key audience member, and subscriber…ooh ooh; mention RSS somewhere in your homework too!*

  5. Jake says:

    alex your soo god damn sexy

  6. Why, a-ha thankyou

  7. Saoirse says:

    (((The homework wasn’t about your blog- it was about the concept of a blog. The "who is Dominic" question, if I remember, was merely an excuse for sending us here. Also, comprehension of your sidebarry introductory thing) (Yup, reading people’s blog archives. I AM SO BORED IN GOLDEN CAP))) (From the future)

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