Maths, about the same running time as a LOTR film

There’s not much to report about my Maths exam this morning. It went reasonably well, with the usual exam hiccoughs along the way. Strangely, I found Core 1 slightly harder than Core 2 even though it’s obviously ‘easier’ – mainly because I couldn’t check things back on a calculator. It would have saved me from the embarrassing detour as I forgot what 270 / 3 is, anyway…

I mean, on a calculator paper, if you have to prove that something or other is 12, and you do it, and your calculator tells you it’s 12, and you write it down… how wrong can you be? Fingers crossed anyway!

Next Exam: Friday, English Literature. Should be fun. Then it’s half term anyway, and a couple of days in Paris, ‘revising’ naturally.

By the way, it’s good to see that the plans to change the system so you apply to university after A-level results come out are rumbling ahead, albeit slowly. The present system is so obviously broken – you wouldn’t apply for a job before passing your degree, would you? All it does it benefit the arrogance of private schools who over-estimate grades, pushing state school students out of the system altogether before the results come out.

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Maths, about the same running time as a LOTR film

  1. Alex Newman says:

    This is one of those times where I understand nothing you’ve said. And as for 270/3, it took me a little bit.

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