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Lovelydarlings! That’s a LucyPhrase (TM) for Lucy who complains at a paucity of shout-outs. I realise the blog has been looking a bit bare this week, so let’s catch up with the fun and entertaining life that is Me.

Big Brother. No, I didn’t watch it. No, I’ve never watched it because it’s utterly terribly boring. However, in order to stay vaguely in the cultural loop, I did the slightly evil thing of getting someone else to watch it and feed back to me any important details, so in case of accidental conversation I won’t suddenly say “Oh Mickey, he sounds nice” or “Pfft, they’d never steep so low as to put a guy with Tourette’s in there, stop being stupid.” Incidentally, next year I predict a Nazi, a foetus, a robot and a junior ‘celebrity’ member of the Taliban. My money’s on the foetus for the public vote, although the surprise entrance of a dead llama half way through might just swing it.

Back in the real world – Monday is 3 Hour Maths Exam Day With Extra Capital Letters For Emphasis. I’ve just finished another practice exam right now, and I can do it all except for Prove that (cos x + sin x)^2 + (cos x – sin x)^2 = 2. If you would like to telephone vote your answer in, feel welcome. (To anyone worried, I do have a vague idea of how it might be done and I will do it before tomorrow. Promise.)

Yesterday was examy too, 2 hours of English mock at 9am on a bright and lovely rain rain rainy Saturday morning. Still, at least Holly was nice enough to phone me afterwards with what I got. (She read my paper after I left… which is, ur, an interesting tactic in an exam.)

Oh and I should also mention Doctor Who, and <spoiler alert> the departure of Mickey Smith to a parallel universe (roll over to read) which I certainly didn’t see coming. Neither did my mum, who is most upset and threatening not to watch until Russell T changes his mind.

This is not forgetting Eurovision, of course, although there isn’t a great deal to write about. The tactical voting, well, it’s gotten a bit tiresome now. Someone has even written up a paper on it, including this useful diagram of what has happened in the past couple of years. Having said all that, it’s nice to know that Ireland still feel sorry enough for us to swing us some votes…

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Bits and Pieces

  1. holly walker says:

    I am deeply outraged, distressed and appauled that my motives of merely motivating you could be twisted and warped into something so base as a tactic- huh tut tut tut !!! But i shall forgive and forget being the martyr that one is, who lives in a world of no trust and fondness ooooohhh and you told ms Rupchand you muppet! most upset!

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