Phew! (Measured in relief/second^2)

Sorry to build up into a disappointing climax, but Physics Practical went really quite well after all. Sure, I forgot the units of resistivity, and used volts instead of millivolts (although Hiten did that too…) but that shouldn’t dent me too much and overall it was OK and much better than it could have gone. So yay.

In more interesting news, a fly decided to kamikaze into my eye on the way home!

Right, have had a complaint from Clare saying that she isn’t mentioned often enough on my blog. Sorry, Miss Clariss. Even if you were the shout-outee a mere, ooh I don’t know, 2 weeks ago.

You know what? I’ve run out of things to say. *Posts*

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2 Comments on :
Phew! (Measured in relief/second^2)

  1. Alex Newman says:

    Well, you’re lucky to be done with all that
    My tests are from June 14-28 I believe, so I have about a month to feel guilty about not studying

  2. Lucy says:

    I never get a shout-out

    Yay for Lucy!

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