Tunnel Visioned

Tunnel visioned, that’s me. I have Physics Practical tomorrow morning. As you can tell I’m really confident about it all although actually, I feel ever so slightly better now that I know how to measure with Vernier Calipers in millimetres rather than inches!

As soon as the Practical is over, my mind will turn over to Maths for Monday, and then afterwards English for next Friday, etc etc. Anything else can and will be neglected, exitus acta probat. And yes, that includes you, personal statements! I don’t want to even think about applying to university any more. Not. Interested. Even a little bit. Wait until after AS exams, thank you very much.

However my propencity to be distracted is never ending, hence I am also participating in Babble’s amazing Summer CD Big Swap, which Pingu slyly convinced me to do last night.

Shout out! To Amber, one of the poor Year 8s who now blog themselves, and much better than I do too. There are loads more: Marion, Izzy, Zenobia – more links on her site.

Talking of websites, I’m getting the itch again to do something to my own. Summer holidays, and you never know what might happen…

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2 Comments on :
Tunnel Visioned

  1. Jake says:

    I hope something happends, i always like seeing new stuff on your site

  2. amber says:

    Yay a shout out

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