I Love Lucy

No not the 1950s TV show… just thought I should fill my loyal blog readers in with the fact I’m going out with Lucy. Since… yeah, OK, since 17:37:03. Of the 25th of February. OK so maybe this was a bit late in blogging, and I might lose my reputation for bringing you breaking news , but I did pledge not to turn this into a teenage-love-life-yawnathon and I won’t. Promise.

Anyway! Went to ‘Camden’ with Joshua today. So called because I am (still) convinced Camden isn’t a real place but a state of mind on some other plane of existence or something. But they do sell very nice crepes and I do rather like it, so let’s go back. You can come too Clare, since you asked so nicely. Oooh – and we broke Joshua’s record for being offered weed by drug dealers in Camden, which I am rather proud in being a part of.

Joshua is coming along with Fabio and I to Birmingham tomorrow for Nic’s RaVe, and I might just bump into Lucy too, you never know.

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I Love Lucy

  1. Lucy says:


    I’m a celeb.

  2. Nathan says:

    Heheh, oh congratulations, and good luck

    In response to your comment, did you see the bit many pages in where the reason for people remaining attached to the Earth was the weight of their sins? Rocks stay in place, and only fall if contaminated by being touched by humans. Leaves are an as-yet unexplained phenomenon

  3. Captain Break Ya leg says:

    By loyal blog readers you mean alex and your mum right?

  4. Red Dalek says:

    The fact that this was posted in June means you went trawling through the archives just to say that? I wouldn’t even like to begin to comment…

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