More on homophobia

The Church of England wants all faith schools exempted from a planned ban on discrimination against homosexuals

(BBC News)

“Jody was not the first man to be killed, or terrorised, or beaten, or humiliated for being homosexual”

(BBC News)

Something is desperately wrong when those in charge of our children’s education are still trying to wrangle and squirm their way out of true tolerance and respect as if it was all a big game they can drag out for eternity. It isn’t. People still die because institutions like the Church have contributed, over many many years, to a homophobic culture that persists even in this relatively liberal society. I hope those many good men and women in the Church will examine their consciences and pressure their leaders to live up to their public face of inclusion.

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More on homophobia

  1. GG says:

    I absolutely agree Dom. What signal does it send out to say, "it is illegal to discriminate against homsexuals unless you have good reason to do it eg for religious purposes". Either discrimination and hatred is not acceptable, or it is. You cannot say hatred and discrimination is acceptable for some people.

    It is exactly the same as saying Racism is an offence, unless you are a member of a racist party or a BNP member, in which case it is acceptable as part of your beliefs.

    There is no logic to such legislation, such excemptions for faith schools in England at all.

  2. Alex Newman says:

    I don’t think that there are any laws about it in New York, though I could be wrong, and its pretty much up to the school from stopping anything from happening.
    While I was watching Jerry Springer today (relaxing after finals, it won’t happen again) I saw someone saying he was in catholic school for 12 years and then curse someone out and then saw a reverend tell everyone who waited on line for tickets that they were going to hell (ironic, because he was on the show)
    Also ironic, the woman who blamed Springer for making her daughter a stripper and then decided to go on it herself and carry a bible.
    Anyway, the moral is that being a mayor isn’t as prestigous as it once was.

  3. Red Dalek says:

    That last bit made me laugh, hehe.

    Very well said, GG, though.

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