Maths AS… check

Just finished a Mechanics exam which (barring any retakes) wraps up Maths AS. I have to say, without tempting fate, I found this paper pretty straigtforward – far more so than the practice exams. There’s one question I know I lost a mark or two, and a few I’m a bit unsure about, but on the whole I finished with plenty of time to spare. Yay! Mechanics is easier in Maths than Physics. Fancy that.

Now time to dive right into History because that’s tomorrow. Fairly confident about Russia in Revolution assuming I manage the time well and my hand doesn’t explode, Civil Rights will require more work. Tonight. To memorise things. Lots of things. Descriptive today aren’t I?

Enjoy the sun!

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Maths AS… check

  1. Lucy says:

    ‘There’s one question I know I lost a mark or two’


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