History exam… tragic or triumphant?

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History exam… tragic or triumphant?

History exam… tragic or triumphant?

Well well – neither really.

The first paper was the sources-based questions on Russia in Revolution. Unnervingly, our paper was entirely about 1905 – and we’d spent countless hours learning about 1917 in painstakingly detail however I did know about 1905 so it wasn’t terrible. I’m just not sure my answers were quite as tight or insightful or un-rushed as I’d had liked them to be, so I’m a bit unsure about that paper. We’ll see, I guess!

As it happens I was more confident about Russia last night so this morning I spent my time revising the second paper, on Civil Rights in America. I drew up an A4 sheet with a time-line of dates and about five random statistics which I managed to memorise, hurrah! Given this, the exam question was a gift to me – concentrating on exactly the period I revised. It did mean I picked the other option from, ur, everyone else I spoke to afterwards… but never mind. I feel good about that paper.

Sorry for all the exam-themed posts. Tomorrow I will learn everything there is to know about Physics for the exam on Friday morning, then I’m free! (Well, for a week. Then A2s start.) You should see normal blog service resumed then.

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