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Given that Lucy claimed to be disorganised and dislike surprises, it was only right for me to be organised and surprising today by ‘turning up’ in good old Cofton Hackett (No thanks to the bus that threw me off early because it’s a Sunday and they don’t go all the way on Sundays. Pah.) I consider it an educational trip – did you know that the local church was built in 1330 by Robert de Leycester? No? Well now you do!

Slight difficulty getting back. Well, the megabus was an hour late and also decided to pick up survivors from some earlier coach disaster on the way, leaving us all rushing to catch the last of the Tube trains in London. An unusually low count of nutcases about though – only approached by one crazy guy asking for money and chewing something that I really hope was edible.

While I was away the family watched the final Top of the Pops – end of an institution? Mlur… well, yes it is, albeit not one I was ever really that into. Probably just born too late for it, since TOTP2 always struck me as the more interesting programme. If you got bored with the music, there were the hairstyles!

Oh, and the girls (Mum, Tash and Katie) are off to Tanzania on Friday leaving the boys (Dad and moi) to fend for ourselves. I predict we’ll go camping or something, and end up trying to light a fire with twigs. Either that or pizza takeaways? Mmm… yes, I’ve given myself an idea there!

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Sunday Sunday

  1. Will says:

    I used to watch TOTP every week in the late 90s, early 00s then lost interest when I got access to the internet and had music channels. It got really bad as the months went on (moving to BBC2 killed it) so I’m glad it’s gone – BUT I will miss it not being ‘there’. It’s weird, i won’t see TOTP again! TOTP2 still here?

    [Admin – Very sorry but I had to change 90’s to 90s etc]

  2. Jake says:

    I used to watch TOTP in the 90s, i stopped watching it years ago, just got bored of it to be honest. When i got the Internet way back in 2003 + Freeview, i forgot TOTP exsisted!

  3. Andy Kings says:

    Dom, you wally, how could you come to our humble place of residence and not come visit me? I’m only 20 mins down the road. I’m hurt by this

    Oh, I heard a rumor off Lou about you, Lucy and a field. Truth??

  4. Red Dalek says:

    Will and Jake – I think TOTP2 is still here, yeah. And I think you both prove, it’s the Internet and digital TV and such that killed off TOTP

    Andy – I’m sorry! I did actually want to visit other people but had very very little time. If only people would, like, invite me over to sleep hmmm

    Rumours? Fields? Yeah we visited a field… it’s called my countryside walk. Quite a novelty for a city person

  5. Lucy says:

    ‘I’m sorry! I did actually want to visit other people ‘

    Well you could have said! Damnit.

    And I did not ‘claim’ to be disorganised, I am disorganised.

  6. Andy says:

    Next time, say, and you can have the spare bed in my room. It is a mere 20 minute walk from the sexy Cofton, we have WiFi access, bed and breakfast, all for free! What more could one ask for?

  7. Rob says:

    I dont think moving TOTP to BBC2 did any favours, even though someone said that compared to average BBC2 ratings it was doing ok?
    Nevermind, the internet and on demand access to music videos and things has changed it.

  8. Dave says:

    I think this proves the internet is pure evil! It killed TOTP! Life will never be the same

  9. Dave says:

    Oh wait a second. I just realised what TOTP stands for. Thank god thats gone Good on you internet.Hopefully Noel Edmonds’ is next on your list

  10. Red Dalek says:

    Hear hear to that!

    (Ta for your offer Andy, I’ll remember it And, of course, if anyone* needs a room in London to sleep in…)

    *Well not anyone, but you know what I mean

  11. Rob says:

    I’m not so sure I do know what you mean?
    How much do you charge

  12. Lucy says:

    I actually only just noticed…

    ‘Mlur… ‘

    You thief.

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