Recognising RV (and that Galloway tale)

Just a heads-up that is running a feature on Rubery Village and Nic certainly deserves all the recognition for the tremendous accomplishment that it was. The article also describes the (amusing, in retrospect) incident where I came close to being threatened with legal action by George Galloway.

The then 15-years-old-editor claimed he was contacted by George Galloway demanding that a comment story on the site that referred to the MP as a ‘madman’ was removed.

It still annoys me that he basically just vanished after complaining rather than engaging in a dialogue with either me or Nic. During the life of DomSez we did happily publish corrections and clarifications when they were raised, and on this blog I have taken things down in the past when people had a valid objection. But it’s all about the discussion – and barking down a phone doesn’t count as participating.

Oh and incidentally, George Galloway’s participation in those discussions that form part of his actual job? “Has attended 16% of votes in parliament – well below average amongst MPs.” Look, there’s even a source for you.

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Recognising RV (and that Galloway tale)

  1. PeaceLove&Crub says:

    Go on Galloway, Whack it on

  2. Andy Kings says:

    Ha, I remember Nic walking into the P.E changing room on Monday morning, and saying to me "Kingzy, we’re being sued by George Galloway. How I laughed.

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