Dear blog,

[I feel I should start a post like this since I recently discovered teenage girls really do write ‘Dear diary’ to themselves, which I find odd, personally]

On Saturday I travelled up to Birmingham – walked quickly through an anti-war demo keeping my head down – and caught the good ole bus to Rubery where Josie met me and I checked into the sexy Premier Travel Inn. (It was called ‘Birmingham South’ which was interesting because up to that point I’d thought Rubery was further north. Revelation!) The lady at reception asked me if I had a car in the car park. I didn’t.

Then Josie took me to Marlbrook! The third leg of the Rubery – Cofton – Marlbrook tripod. The bus driver disliked me because of my shock that Birmingham to Rubery costs £1.20 whereas Rubery to Cofton Marlbrook costs £2.20. ‘Over the border’ I was told, several times, by several different people, but it still wrangles.

At Josie’s, I learnt the following:

  • Scrappy doesn’t bark! Instantly erasing my phobia of him as a dog
  • In fact, we got rather close and he licked my nose in a tender moment
  • Josie’s parents are very friendly and play classy modern music like The Kooks over dinner
  • Kathryn buys floam!
  • The moment you encounter floam, you are instantly addicted

Oh and I also met Aaron Arun(?). Hi!

The whole point of this was to get to Sunday where I brought Lucy back to London by Megabus At which point I should really hand you over to her, because she writes about it much better than I ever could. But it was lots of fun and she now has an Oyster card, which is the important thing

Tomorrow is AS results day. Woo? I’m a bit apathetic about it, though rest assured I’ll blog the results live from my phone, no matter how bad they are


I think I’ll get a C in Physics, and I blame Solid Materials for that, because otherwise I could have got a B. Grrr. The others? Well I’m really not sure. I’m least sure in History which I guess I need an A in the most, though maybe need is a funny word. I just don’t know.

Stay tuned…

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Dear blog,

  1. Lucy says:

    ‘whereas Rubery to Cofton costs £2.20’
    You mean Marlbrook?

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