Results – live!

4 As. Um… How the hell did that happen? love you all

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Results – live!

  1. Just pulled down your feed and saw this, congrats!! (As if anyone else but you expected you to fufill your predictions in item 671 anyway)

  2. Rev. Pingu says:

    Well done Dom!

    Didn’t I tell you that you’d get all of the As? Didn’t I? Didn’t I? You owe me a tenner.

  3. Jake says:

    Well Done! Have a beer, wine whatevers your posion on me!

  4. Romeo says:

    I AM HAPPY FOR YOU DOMINIC, MY EXAMS WENT rubbish for History (E) and great for my ICT it went great i got a (B)

  5. Lucy says:


  6. Rob says:

    Love you too Um…
    Well done with those

  7. Nathan says:

    You’d never make the A-Team though, would you?

  8. Katie Self says:

    Great Dom, how am i going to beat you now

  9. Andy Kings says:

    Your results was the 1st thing I checked when I got in

    Well done booday.

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