A little more on results

For fans of over-wrought analysis, here are my full results. A bit of explanation: the most important number is the one out of 300. (An AS level is 300 points, A2 a further 300, together they make a 600 point A level.) You need 240 points to get an A… in English I did rather well and got the full 300 this year while in Maths and Physics I got 261. Interestingly, I did actually get a B in one of my units for History – it was the Russian one. But hey, it all works out

We went to the pub to celebrate afterwards – although I’m a bit of a wuss, since the pub lunch interested me more than the alcohol! Joshua also gave me the most fantastic present ever in the history of the world… and I’ll blog about it when we get the camera back \ we figure out how to get the batteries in

Right, off to Brighton today. Congratulations to everyone else who got good results, and if you were disappointed – just sit down and plan what you have to do and you’ll be fine. Honestly.

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A little more on results

  1. Fabulous stuff well done!

    Of course life was so much simpler in my day (just slightly after your dad’s day, but not much!) when we got a postcard with three or four scribbled letters on half-way through the summer hols. Not even an envelope to save our blushes, and none of this breakdown of results or analysis stuff… kids today, eh?

  2. Maya says:

    Congrats Dom!
    Mind you, I wouldn’t have expected any less from someone as AMAZINGLY talented as you.
    I hope A2 is just as great for you.
    Fingers crossed for me and AS Year.

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