Tanzania photo I nicked off Tash

The girls are back in town!

On Saturday morning Mum, Tash and Katie got back from an awesome trip to Tanzania. Yaaay It’s good to have sisters back – we danced to the Spice Girls (confession time here) then settled down to watch The Breakfast Club with take-away pizza. I love you guys (gals). You can read more here and see the glorious photo album here.

Tanzania photo I nicked off Tash

Tanzania photo I nicked off Tash

The one bad news is that mum spent the night in hospital last night but no, it’s not serious and no, it’s not Malaria. And she’s back now and reigning supreme in the Self household as well as getting back on top of the state of the laundry room.

One side effect of having the girls back is that the digital camera is also back, meaning that I might finally update the photo on the home page I can also now officially announce (since it’s not a secret anymore) PC5 is here! The newest baby \ computer is in Katie’s room complete with excellently assembled – if we do say so ourselves – desk and chair from the glorious IKEA.

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4 Comments on :
The girls are back in town!

  1. Jake says:

    PC 5? Crist, i suppose you’ll be getting a PC for the garden next time?

  2. Rev. Pingu says:

    Get a Mac.

  3. Tasha says:

    You went to IKEA without me?! Now that detail you left out!

  4. God says:

    i agree, get a mac

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