17th September, that date I didn’t forget

I’m taking a quick break from my unfairly gigantic Maths homework (it’s not difficult, just incredibly long and laborious) to say the following:

Happy 17th Birthday Lucy!


Is it wrong that I’ve been playing NinjaPirate 3 quite a bit?

Virgin Radio need to acquire a greater repository of adverts. I am absolutely sick to death of hearing that [insert well known car manufacturer here] have a summer deal on. I don’t drive. If I did, I would already have a car and not be in the market for metallic paint.

Right… back to Maths it is then?

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2 Comments on :
17th September, that date I didn’t forget

  1. If you’d like to buy some advertising, our sales department would be happy to hear from you!

    Seriously, thanks for the feedback; I’ve passed it on.

  2. Budd says:

    To the place where the boats are
    you know, the sea and stuff

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