10 Statements

Let’s shamelessly copy Josie, Lucy and Andy and play this game:

“Write 10 statements about people you know without saying who each statement is aimed at. They can be anything that you would wish to say to that person, anything you wish you would/could have said or anything that you daren’t say.”


1. We’ve swung pretty violently back and forth between bitter hatred and great friendship, but we’ve still stuck together longer than I have with anyone else and it’s all good now.

2. I really truly am sorry for what I’ve done (to you all), or really, what I haven’t been doing. But I hope you understand and, deep down, are a little bit happy for me Rock on guys

3. Jeez, I owe you. You’re a great person who I respect immensely and if you ever ever need anything, just ask. I wish you all the happiness in the world!

4. I miss you But I really hope you’ve found what you want. You were probably the best human being I ever met. And I still want it signed.

5. You’re just a great friend and I don’t think we’ve ever actually fallen out, or even argued about anything?

6. We might not talk as much as we used to, and all the things that have happened might make it harder to be as open, maybe. And, just occasionally, I feel disloyal, but I hope you trust me that I’ve tried to be as helpful as I can.

7. You too No seriously, you’re so instantly lovely and generous I feel like I know you much more than I do. Have my babies?

8. You really do provide lots of soap opera moments in my life, you know I know it’s difficult, and I hope you stay true to yourself, but I’m sure you will Miss

9. Case you’re wondering, no, I don’t forget about you. If you ever have anything you want to talk through, I’ll listen, and I won’t even eat a cheese and ham sandwich while doing it.

10. Oooh, come here for a hug, you stupid stupid person. In some ways, you are truly brilliant. But try and think about things a bit.

Ooh look, I need one more. Forgive me, blog gods:

11. I love you. Amin. xxxx

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2 Comments on :
10 Statements

  1. Fabio says:

    im assuming im 10, yah i probably do need to think a bit more before i go off on one.

  2. Lucy says:

    It’s my birthday today!
    Just to remind you. Again.

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