The Dom is back

I put ‘The Dom is back’ in my screenname the other day and too many people wondered where I’d gone, so what I meant is, I’m back in business people Yes, school, work, going to bed at reasonable (ur, ‘more reasonable’) times, homework, deadlines, gossip, shock gossip – you get the idea

Here’s a quick run down of the ups and downs of the last few days:

Thursday – Back to school! Yay!

Friday – Got my phone stolen on the way back home from school. Long story… he ended up giving us (I wasn’t alone) our SIM cards back, which is oddly considerate in a very sideways look at it. But he did say we had ‘fucking boring phonebooks’ which, given I have an entry called ‘Pingu’, I thought a bit unkind.

Saturday – Took Tasha to visit Birmingham and meet Andy (who has a l33t house) and then later Nic and Josie – who posed together when I abandoned them for a short period, of which Nic decided to invent wild explanations for. Tsst Nic. Tsst.

Sunday – Queen’s Park Day! No, not for fun – I volunteered and carried chairs \ put up fences \ had Mr. Birch pay for my lunch whilst wearing a sexay yellow shiny top thing that Important People wear.

Sorry for the brevity, though it’s probably a welcome relief. Maybe I should implement a voting system – if you’d like to hear more about Thursday, text THUR to… (and yes, you can still text me, I’m using my old phone.)

PS – Almost missed out on Brent Council’s Irony of the Week (TM) – handing out green ‘Recycle – it’s cool’ wristbands. In hundreds and hundreds of little individual plastics bags.

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The Dom is back

  1. Will says:

    Shite. Was it that new Sony Erricson phone that was stolen? I hope not!

    I have a bad experience with phones, first one was stolen by big boys on the bus, second one was nicked in school, third one packed up, fourth one is ok but i want one of those cheap phones that just does texting and that calling thing where you talk! Meh

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Yes it was But, y’know, at least I hadn’t paid for it out of my hard-earned cash. Your comments show what I’ve been explaining to other people not in our area or age group really – it just happens, to everyone, at some point.

  3. Alex Newman says:

    I feel like I should have had something stolen by now living in NYC, but I haven’t

  4. Andy Kings says:

    Oh my life. I want one of those wristbands Dom. Please. Obtain me one. And send it to my l33t house

  5. Lucy says:


    Nice to be mentioned. Taa very much.

  6. Andy Kings says:

    I’m not joking about the wristband.

  7. Red Dalek says:

    I know, I’ve been asking around for your address!

  8. Josie says:

    hahahhaa . am also in in Nic’s storys.

    cus your enver say any about us

  9. Red Dalek says:

    *holds hands up*

    Fair point, fair point…

  10. Josie says:

    yay thankyou!

  11. Lawrence says:

    Don’t worry Dominic it happens to every one. Lucky you got you sim back some people don’t. When are people going to grow up, they need to get a life and get a education. (those wanna be gangsters.)

  12. Budd says:

    mugged? that sucks man. Though im quite curious as to how you managed to get your sims back

    anyway i spoke to sanna yesterday for the first time in a year at least an that reminded me about your site.

    How are things, good i hope (except for the phone ofcourse)

    speak to you soon
    Rfn Jason Budd

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