London Overground

London Overground

London Overground

London Overground

Hurrah! It cheered me up today to see the press release announcing ‘London Overground’ as the obviously-titled but gloriously integrated new brand for train services in London. This follows the axing of the ghastly Silverlink service I mentioned back in July, and comes into force from November 2007.

Talking of TfL, once I’m back at school (from tomorrow!) I should be able to apply for free bus travel for under 18s, which comes in effect this month. I’m sure it’ll mean yet another new Oyster card, but oh well

Katie has her first day at Queen’s Park today, incidentally, so for one year only it’ll be all three of us trying to avoid each other in the corridors

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London Overground

  1. Yay! I knew about this *feels proud* It’ll be lovely to see the ex-Siverlink start arriving on time! This year; on time *once*, and I use it fairly often.

    I love the image of all three of you trying to look the other way in the maths corridor (why maths? I don’t know, just what came to mind) What class is she in?

  2. Red Dalek says:

    7S – as we all know, on the ‘evil’ side of the school (Q P N K being virtuous and good, C Y S L dark and dangerous – I’m sure you’d agree 10Y person? )

  3. Andy Kings says:

    Good luck Katie! Us three have perfected the art of avoiding each other, I’m sure you lot will get it sorted!

  4. Helen says:

    More about the evil side please…I always found 7s and 7Y totally demonic (oops, sorry)..
    Hope the first days have gone OK, specially for Katie, think I’ll pop over and read her blog, see what she’s making of it all.

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