Stealth at Thorpe Park

IE7, Half Term, Stealth, Chairs, Unis, Hot Chocolate…

The trouble with being a compulsive blogger is that you do go around thinking ‘Ooh I must blog that’ and then you end up with big mega posts which skim over the first few lines and then wonder what they’re missing on YouTube. Having said that, it’s my blog, so deal with it

Firstly, if you’re using Internet Explorer 6 (it’s the big blue ‘e’ which you click on to go on the Internet dear) you should now upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 because it’ll make my life, and my cool web designer friends’ lives, a lot easier if you do. Honestly though, upgrade! It has tabbed browsing and printing that actually works and a few irresistible extensions like spell checking and Firefox-style searching which I encourage you all to check out, even if you plan to stick with Firefox as your main browser.

(Incidentally, what happens if you upgrade to IE7 and then want to test your websites in IE6? The official line is that you have to use Virtual PC, but stuff that – you can also swap in and out mshtml.dll files by searching your PC for them and then using the old IE6 ones… um… it’ll become clearer if you try it Still a pain though, unfortunately)

Stealth at Thorpe Park

Stealth at Thorpe Park

Right – moving on – yes, it is half term now and yes, I do have loads of work to do! Bit of a strange start too, since on Friday it seemed like all my friends were either having emotional traumas or dashing off to Scotland or Wales or other exotic places. But I got over that (saw Hoodwinked, yes really) and on Monday went to Thorpe Park with most of la family, which was a lot of fun! The highlight at the end was riding Stealth which Tash and I had been psyching ourselves up for all day, hehe. Hurrah for roller-coaster thrills!

Due to Ma Self’s gracious generosity I have also found myself with a sexy black executive IKEA office chair which I don’t want to get off, over. Mmmm thanks

This morning I had the rather brilliant surprise of a conditional offer from Manchester! (already!) Woooo! I’m really pleased about this because, with even more Cambridge forms piling up on my floor, it’s nice to know that if I get my 3 As I will definitely have somewhere to go next year. Good news!

And finally (phew, you intone) the rest of my morning consisted of a lovely hot chocolate and chat with Catherine in Roundwood Park Café, where we were rather worryingly mistaken for a couple by the staff who turned on a fountain for us (Worrying because this is the second time in a short while this has happened to me – Ms Taylor wondering why I was chatting to Clare so early in the morning! Honestly, it’s just a routine… I swap shifts with Joshua later!) Anyway, twas good to see her again after her birthday party which – shockingly – I seem to have neglected to blog about. Probably a good thing too since there are slightly… interesting photos floating about from that party where I look about 40. We’ll see if they ever reach the light of day then

OK, that’s it, I’m done. You can go back to YouTube now.

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IE7, Half Term, Stealth, Chairs, Unis, Hot Chocolate…

  1. Alex Newman says:

    I installed IE7 but it won’t load sites like and never shows the settings screen its supposed to show the first time you start it, so I’m annoyed with it

  2. Lawrence Currie says:

    Congrates for conditional offer from Manchester.


  3. Mr Potatohead says:

    hehe stealth was kickass when i went on it, I had to queue for bout 3hours though, an it kept breaking down. But other then that twas a good ride.

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