An update on the Great Uni Race 06

Where we left off, Manchester had come in first with an early conditional offer of AAA. Since then, Nottingham have made up for second place by offering AAB and Reading have come in with a ‘we can’t be a simple as that – 300 points and a handstand’ effort. Cambridge sent me back my nice stamped return addressed postcard today saying ‘yeah yeah we got your pieces of submitted work, ta’ so the question is now – will Bristol or Birmingham talk to me next? Place your bets now…

Although I just spent a whole paragraph on it, I am really quite glad I don’t have to really worry about unis much at the moment. It’s back on with work, and presentations on the French Revolution for English Literature, for some reason. Oh – social-historical context. Got it

We actually had one of those nice studenty teachers in our lesson who told me “I’ll always remember the White Terror now as you described it – when the people killed the people who’d killed the other people.”

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An update on the Great Uni Race 06

  1. Josie says:

    Like i have said before. Don’t go to birmingham too many steps. It killed em when having to run across it.

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