My my my…

Certainly a whirlwind few days… starting with Friday, my ‘fake Cambridge interview’ day. Robert, Promise and I trekked down to Harslesden for this event which included a workshop on interview skills and mock interviews to try and give us some idea how how it would go. My first interview was great – I made a point quite early on that he really liked, so everything flowed like a natural conversation that could have kept going for ages. The second interviewer was a bit tougher, asking a few questions I didn’t really know the answer to and damning my lack of knowledge on the history of the college but he said at the end it did go well and that I kept good eye contact, hehe.

Oh, and I met a Tory ‘Catholic but not really’ boy who has exactly the same voice as Alex Trafford! We argued jovially a bit, so shout-out to David Allen, wherever you are! A distinctly un-shout-out (a boo-out?) to the two pretentious boys in suits I sat next to for a bit who sneered at everyone else’s lack of preparation in not brining notepaper.

Friday evening saw the return of Quiz Night! (Remember that?) Fabio and I were on marking duties this time, after various people gave excellent and understandable excuses and a further person gave a lame one Oh, and Mr. Birch gave us a free QPCS Music CD! Well, better than getting chocolates that have gone off, Waseley crew?

Saturday was Lucccccccy day, which turned into House of Mase day as I got dinner and everything thank you! I returned to London by train, shunning the Megabus for leaving me stuck in a traffic jam in god-forsaken Coventry that morning. (Ask Lucy if you want to see the cartoons I hastily drew to relieve my frustrations with the residents of said town )

And the train was interesting to say the least – an ever-changing carriage of entertainment. From the group of kids with voices curiously like mine, to the fare-evading boys who tried to hide under chairs, to the girl who stopped me to ask “you don’t happen to know who was kicked out of X Factor tonight do you?” “No” I replied, but not wishing to sound boring, adding “it was probably the one with the most talent and potential though”.

My my my… MySpace. That’s the other thing. I finally caved in and submitted to intense peer pressure (OK Lucy told me to) and got a MySpace account. So, y’know, if you’ve done the same and fancy adding me… Though I’m already having the inevitable ethical dilemmas on how to manage the ‘Top Friends’ slot. Hehe addiction.

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My my my…

  1. Lucy says:

    I did not tell you to get MySpace!
    This is what really happened:

    Dominic: I have the urge to get MySpace
    Lucy: OK, do it
    Dominic: OK.

    Thank you.

    And it was OK about dinner

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