Chars, taxpayer

Wow – the PTFA Quiz Night was a lot more fun than I was expecting. Rishal, Clare, Joshua and I were on scoring duty so we got our own table on the stage complete with free drink and free fish and chips. (So thanks for that, taxpayer!) Interestingly the three winning teams were all teachers… which could make for some combative parent-teacher evenings in the future! Scariest moment of the night – my Physics teacher marching up to us at the end after the scores were announced – and they didn’t win – to complain. We hid under the table.

I also saved a potentially explosive situation by phoning home and making sure the capital of Turkey was Ankara.

Nice to see teachers more relaxed than at school… and with the boot rather on the other foot as we were the ones marking and they were the ones disputing scores! Congratulations to Mr. Munchmoore as well – a fitting winner for someone who retired after many years of service.

Surprisingly no hangover as well. Yayness!

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Chars, taxpayer

  1. Give us a cookie self, i dont like your style about my tax payers at all.
    And leave it’s me alone, he’s a good man it’s not his fault he’s gone to the dogs.

  2. Red Dalek says:

    On a serious note – if ‘it’s me’ or anyone else posts messages that are abusive, or wildly off-topic, I will simply exercise my amazing god-like Admin powers to scorch their messages from the face of the blog.

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