Quiz Night

Because I’m nice, I’m helping to mark the PTFA (Parents, Teachers, Friends… you get the idea… of QPCS) Quiz Night tomorrow night. And you can be rest assured of fairness, cause I’ve sourced the other markers from my AS Level Maths class

Here’s some other fairly random bullets about school you may or may not be interested in:

  • I had a Physics test on Wednesday which went OK, I think. Not amazingly but not a flop either – or so it appears from my preliminary look at the marking
  • I think I got the most book vouchers ever in one go – a whole £18! For, ur, turning up to school each day last year. And yes – I plan to spend them on something frivolous like a Doctor Who script book or Spam Kings
  • Talking of Doctor Who – have you seen the new Cybermen? Now you have! All great apart from the shoes…
  • Since I’ve drifted off school anyway… I want to cheer my new Nucleus Disciple status. Woo, yay, houpla!

Final quote of the post must go to Mr. Moore (English teacher, and a bloody good one too):
Me: Phew, I’ve just finished a Physics exam
Him: Well Dominic, it is your fault for choosing Physics

(Note – the emphasis on the last word with the tones of bitter arts\science rivalry. Can’t we all just get along?)

P.S. Physics still rocks though. What other subject asks you to measure the distance between the feet of two ice-skaters?

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Quiz Night

  1. Sanchini says:

    Hmm, now ya see, you’d have to measure the distance between at least three ice skaters feet, else it wouldnt be a fair test to a level standards. By admitting to only having two measurements you have inspired me to report the science department to the nesscessery force.

    I cant spell, but you can’t either

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