No to 90 days without charge!

So, it turns out democracy isn’t so bad after all. Parliament did their job, and instead opted for the much more sensible 28 days. Why the government pushed for three months might never be known – they were close to compromise, after all, but backed away at the last minute.

90 days was wrong. Imagine if you were held for 90 days without charge? Not to mention that terrorism is usually about intelligence failure, the point being that you don’t know who will be committing it anyway! This plan wouldn’t have helped stop terrorism, merely make a police state more likely.

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No to 90 days without charge!

  1. Buddman says:

    YAY! I think we should just put everyone in prison, that way, we wouldn’t have to worry about all the crimes including terrorism. If you commit crimes in prison, you also get smaller sentences eg, you kill a man outside prison you get 10yrs, you kill a man inside prison, you get 3. But then again if we were all in prsion for no reason, would we have to commit a crime, fulfill a 3yr sentence then get out? Would we be forced to kill to be free?
    Rambling? Me? By bringing this to my attention I promise I will either stop rambling, or ramble more.


  2. its me says:

    you pacifist bastard self , it seems u have already forgotten about 7/7, 90 daysmay seem like a long time it is , but scumbags who plant bombs with the intent to kill should be locked , not just 90 days but longer

    [Admin Says: Hmm… I’ve actually left this in as an example of the mentally-challenged ]

  3. Ketlan says:

    Mentally-challenged? You’re not kidding.

    What its me seems to forget is that we presume innocence until guilt is proven. If the police and security services can’t find enough evidence to support a case inside a month they’re either crap or the suspect is probably innocent.

    Once guilt is proven, I say give them automatic life (meaning life – not eight years).

  4. Rob says:

    I agree with Ketlan and not ‘it’s me’ for the same reason, 90 days for someone who could be innocent is far worse than 28.

  5. its me says:

    i agree too u pacifist bastards

  6. Red Dalek says:

    Thanks for your comments though Ketlan – exactly what I was thinking

  7. Rob says:

    Hold on, I thought ‘it’s me’ was against all this now he agrees?
    You do find some trash about the Internet!

  8. larrry k says:

    i agree with buddman his comment makes alot of sense , good man buddman , i can only wonder what the world would be like if you ran it , Probably like the one off the film equilibruim if you havent seen it the world would not be a happy place ,

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