Would you vote for this man? I would

Vote Drummond!

A post solely for QPCS people here – Mr Drummond, history teacher extraordinaire, recently popped up on a series of videos on the Queens Park website to guide you through your GCSE Humanities coursework. All well and good… but what it really needed was a bit of sparkle. And so, proudly presenting…

The Vote Drummond 2005 Campaign Video! Download it now! (3MB WMV format with sound)

Would you vote for this man? I would

Would you vote for this man? I would

Graciously sanctioned by Mr. Drummond himself on the understanding that he isn’t really a Tory and, obviously, isn’t really standing for election. (Mmm… don’t you just love the legal bits?)

Next week on the Red Dalek challenge – can you find the line between humorous parody and libel? Answers on a postcard!

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7 Comments on :
Vote Drummond!

  1. Are you sancho? No you are not sancho says:

    Vote Drummond eh? Hmm from my experience Mr Drummond is excellent. His friends (which include Andy Angus, my old form tutor) call him something affectionate. Just remember that.

    [Obvious typos corrected by Admin]

  2. lawrence says:

    dom this is jokes

  3. Keyz. says:

    Funnier than the old bloke in ‘the simpsons’ getting hit in the crotch with a football!!!

  4. GOD says:

    greeeaaaat make some more!!!!

  5. Katie Self says:

    He’s got my vote.

  6. yuna aka lemis says:

    This is such a funny video! He certainly has my vote!

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