Starlight Express and Casino Royale

On Saturday the final stage of the grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary rolled out (yes OK, sometimes I think our family operates as a quasi-commercial entity) with a visit to Starlight Express – or more specifically, The 3rd Dimension or… something, which is some kind of revisionist version. Anyway, it was odd! I think everyone enjoyed it, though mostly through discussion of the bizarre plot and the really strong emotional connection to different ways of powering a train engine.

“What’s next…” we asked, “the heroic battle between different elements in the periodic table?”

(I think you have to have seen this musical to understand it, actually, so I’ll stop trying to explain. I’ve been advised to think of it as an 80s roller-skate disco, so I will.)

I then saw Casino Royale on Sunday. The problem here is that I’ve never actually seen a Bond film in the cinema before – the most I’ve come to it was seeing some of the classics on video years ago. So I wasn’t amazed and astounded this this one was better than the last few because, erm, I haven’t seen them. So I left the cinema agreeing with mum – a fun film for a fiver at Willesden on a rainy Sunday afternoon, but not a woaaah amazingly outstanding experience. It’s James Bond, I guess, what do you expect?

Though I’m glad we’ve sorted out that beautiful women will betray you, even if you wear a dinner jacket. Or if you’re a steam train, as in the case of Starlight Express, except of course ‘beautiful women’ then becomes, ur, ‘coach’ as demands that peculiar metaphor. I think I’ll stop attempting to connect these two bits of entertainment now and go to bed

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Starlight Express and Casino Royale

  1. Will says:

    First off, only a fiver for a film? I have to pay £8+ on average or £13.50 for the Odeon in Leicester Square! (the second option is by choice of course!)

    Anyways, I’m in same situation with Casino Royale – I’ve never seen one in a cinema (in fact none at all!) and I couldn’t compare it to previous ones but it was cool! I saw it with my aunt and she loved it so that’s also cool

  2. Red Dalek says:

    I know, but I think £8+ is outrageous for a *film* anyway!

  3. Bond, James Bond says:

    hmmmm….. i saw casino royale and thought it was a scam just to advertise the sony viao laptop……and the omega watch….. THE WHOLE MOVIE was just a scam by SONY… very clever by them…. but it worked… beaause i am posting comments from the very laptop bond used (well and exact replica anyway)

  4. Red Dalek says:

    I noticed some of the product placement (Ericsson mobiles anyone?) but then gave up noticing after a bit

  5. ads says:

    U are a pathetic individual to comment so absurdly on such a film but albeit i feel that you are correct in noting that it is indeed a film worth watching

  6. Red Dalek says:

    Here speaks someone to whom big words are clearly a novelty…

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