Media management sucks

Seriously, I don’t know how Nic does it. It’s really hard! However, since this blog is read by.. ooh.. at least half a dozen people I should announce on here that I have indeed got an offer to read History at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge commencing in October 2007.

The conditions are:

A in History, A in English Literature and an A in either Mathematics or Physics*

So hurrah

*Top prediction of 2007: I bet it’ll be the Maths

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Media management sucks

  1. Lucy says:


    I really need to do my coursework!


  2. Marion says:



  3. Andy Kings says:

    Come to Birmingham. n00bzoid.

  4. tasha says:

    (turn on virgin radio)
    ow i can’t ‘use words of lengths higher than 90’, that totally ruins this comment! anyway WOOOO

  5. Helen H says:

    Congrats, Dom…is Cambs top of the list?..have you been to the others yet?
    Hope 2007 brings you much success.

  6. Red Dalek says:

    Thank you everyone And yes, Cambridge will be top of my list if I make the grades! (Sorry Andy… ) Although I’ll still be visiting some of the others, including Birmingham which are offering AAB

  7. Jamie Kanj says:

    I bet it’ll be the Physics

  8. well i bet that it’ll be chemistry or physics like mr kanj just see what comes up.

  9. the first cheque i ever wrote was when i was 10 by accident! i nicked it from my dad and gave it to my friend as a birthday present lucky it only had £20 on it!

  10. Fllol says:

    I love you Dominic self!!

  11. monique lagosh says:

    jamie are still teaching physics? at qpcs how is it like?

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