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Hiya 2007

Well, happy new year everyone! At the stroke of midnight, after jumping around a bit, everyone present Joshua’s now-traditional party dashed out onto the street for a massive pillow fight, which set the tone for 2007 nicely I think I’m also supposed to give a shout-out (first one of the year!) to Emily who should really get a t-shirt printed about surviving a Sixth Form party.

One of the last actions of 2006, incidentally, was finally getting new trainers. And by ‘finally’ I mean ‘to replace the ones which have had gaping holes in for months’. Although they are quite nice and black and deliberately uncool enough to make Dominic happy, the trauma of buying shoes is still present. Which brings me on to my school report from Reception, which Tasha and I found while exploring the big family filing cabinet at 1 in the morning last night. Voila:

Reception report

Reception report

Yes – “When getting dressed Dominic makes no attempt to buckle up his shoes. He gets upset when encouraged to try.” I think reading that has made my year.

There were other oddities in that filing cabinet actually. Apparently, in Year 2, “Dominic has written several songs and performed them to the class”. I am unbelievably sure this never happened!

Ooh and finally, and especially since fellow Torchwood fan Emily is supposed to be reading this on condition of being mentioned, wasn’t the season finale good last night? And by good, I mean gooooood because I really enjoyed it! The TARDIS at the end was the final touch in a stunning end to a first season, which has had its ups and downs (no more ‘back from the dead’ stories please ) but has been great viewing in lieu of Doctor Who.

To Captain Jack Harkness *toasts glass* and 2007!

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3 Comments on :
Hiya 2007

  1. That cool year 9 says:

    I feel so hounered!
    and yes it was actually really great
    note use of "nifty" emoticon thingy>
    I cant wait for the next series!
    and you got some weirdd teachers in reception.

  2. Nic says:

    I want pictures of your shoes, please.

  3. Lucy says:

    *is still laughing about the shoe thing*



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