It could only be New York…

Dominic’s Big Review of 2006

In the interests of reflection, here’s a my life in a year sorta thing, the big question being ‘which huge events have I accidentally forgotten?’…

2006 began at Joshua’s New Year Party. GCSEs seemed rather far away as I had my first AS exams in English and Physics (as well as ICT, quickly forgotten). The good people at Waseley sent me a mysterious package packed with stuff, which led to the wonderful ‘Gold Hat’ movie Katie and I put together.

It could only be New York…

It could only be New York…

New York, New York! February was rather packed actually. Aside from the Big Apple, I also went punting in Cambridge during a Shadowing Scheme and managed to finally ask Lucy out, narrowly missing Valentine’s Day. She said yes, by the way

Our beloved pet Tom Cat died in March but in happier news I got my grades from the January exams, including a B in the ‘misery and despair’ exam. The RV crew also visited London, making them all the more real to me! In fact, I ended up meeting Josie again the next week in Oxford with Lucinda. March was also the month of the infamous ‘A and two zeros’.

My sisters became Maths Coursework stars. Quote of the Day launched. My blog had a birthday. Series 2 of Doctor Who began, properly. The Physics practical exam started to loom large in my mind, and I achieved a lifetime ambition by going to see Have I Got News For You being recorded. Huzzah!

I had my first taste of fame in May as the wonderful Mr. Nash set questions about this very blog as a piece of Year 9 homework. My Physics practical also went well in the end as did my other exams which began in May. And then we went off to Paris for a few days during Half Term! London, Paris, New York… lovely

RaVe also featured a bouncy castle!

RaVe also featured a bouncy castle!

RaVe! OK OK, so I finished the last of my AS exams, had a birthday, and got to meet Tony Benn. But RaVe was the defining moment of June, after a nice send-off to Ruberyvillage, as I brought Joshua and Fabio along to sleep in a tent in Nic’s garden. Oh, and the police shut the party down at 10pm!

You should all be delighted to know that I did a little bit of work in July, you know, with money and everything. Although to be fair it was at the Queens Park \ UCL summer school, which is why I carry around a ‘UCL Library Services’ card around in my wallet to this day. And I turned up in Cofton Hackett unannounced, because Lucy doesn’t like surprises.

Ah the long summer holiday month. The girls went off to Tanzania, while Dad and I stayed at home with a bit of Birmingham \ Suffolk in between. It was lovely I also got a new phone *sniff* which didn’t last long. Ooh and I got my AS results! Which prompted the crazed decision to carry on with Physics through A2…

The 39 Steps was probably the highlight of my ‘culture’ this year, at the Tricycle. Politicians also began to please me, with the unveiling of plans for the London Overground and Gordon Brown mulling NHS political independence. In sillier news, another lifetime ambition was fulfilled with ‘Ricky’s Cry For Help’ giving me my long-sought appearance in B3ta.

The long running and often traumatic university application process was over (sort of) as I sent my applications to read History off to UCAS. It was also lovely to see Catherine again at her 18th birthday \ housewarming party. IE7 was released, finally, and I rode Stealth at Thorpe Park. Excitement. Oh, and I had smiles added to my homework diary.

MySpace – spawn of the devil?

MySpace – spawn of the devil?

Traditions were started (the return of Quiz Night!) and traditions were ended (Dominic’s abandonment of the coach for the train). I wore a suit, and tie (and tie!) to my grandparents’ surprise 50th wedding anniversary party in Dorset. Shockingly, I got MySpace and the conditional offers started to trickle in…

…but the big beast was yet to come, with my Cambridge interviews in December. I still don’t know if they’ll offer me a place or not, but it they seemed to go well, and I’m glad I had the experience in any case. Talking of experiences, I’d never have predicted a tornado striking Kensal Rise, as it did, coming perilously close to my school. Picking Christmas presents was a bit of a gamble this year, but I think it paid off and Joshua’s New Year Party will round the year off as it began!

Looking forward to an interesting 2007, to say the least Will A Levels finally crush Dominic’s optimistic spirit? Will he pack his bags for university or dropout and roam the streets looking for food? Will this website finally get a redesign? Let’s find out…

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Dominic’s Big Review of 2006

  1. Emily says:

    you slept in a tent with Josh and Fabio..
    I dont envy you
    and why are meeting year 9s not mentioned?
    apart from that, good year it seems.

  2. Andy Kings says:

    //Steals idea. Bwahahaha. No, genuinly, I was going to do one of these on New Years Eve, but you beat me to it. Geek.

  3. SHARDY says:

    Anyway….. wot a story eh? I mean all the excitmement etc yeah yeah but lets take a look at the latest news of the world………………….. the hanging of sadam hussain…. i mean tragic or what. Did he deserve it or was it a wrong doing by America? dun dun dun!!! [typical hollywood music]….ne way… who is Lucy?

  4. Lucy says:


    And haha I got mentioned! Finally.

  5. Rishal says:

    NOT a mention . . . i guess i opted out of doms year by not being there at the begining at josh’s party lol!!! fear not!… i’ll be there tomorrow

  6. tasha says:

    Not much happened then?

  7. Marion says:

    *NO MENTION COUGH COUGH* and in 2007 will Dominc finially realise that it’s un-cool () to write in thrid person?

    And excuse me you adopepted a daughter this year!


  8. Helen says:

    Good year then it seems?

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