Snowy garden

Long overdue

The past week or so has been rather hectic But History is cancelled so I’ll take the time to blog again!

Snowy garden

Snowy garden

I guess I should start this blog with last Wednesday. There was fresh snow on the ground, you may remember, as mother and I ran (rather breathlessly) to catch a train to Birmingham for the university’s Open Day. Which I came out of rather enthused about, albeit with Cambridge still being the one to aim for

We then travelled deep into the heart of the countryside (well OK, not really) to Cofton Hackett for dinner with Lucy and family. Well, I lie. We actually travelled to Rubery and then walked, which was condemned as Dominic ‘forcing his poor mother to walk through the freezing cold’. Soz, mother! Dinner was lovely though

On Saturday there was another party at Catherine’s place, which was enjoyed by all \ all-who-didn’t-get-ill That night was rather eventful, actually, for a number of reasons I can’t really go onto on here. But suffice to say it set off some events which have upset me recently, but hey, I’m much happier now. I just get worried about other people sometimes

Then jumping forward to last weekend (all you missed in the meantime was homework and coursework ) I saw Lucy again which was just very needed. I showed off at winning Connect 4 (sorry guys) and Matthew made us all laugh by reading Thumbelina complete with voices and a cynical commentary.

Oh that reminds me! Last Thursday I did get time to see Frost/Nixon which was absolutely fantastic and completely gripping. Not for everyone, certainly, but highly recommended for any one geeky about journalism or politics. Like me

Final thought: walking home on Saturday night, I think I saw the most flagrant abuse of apostrophes I have ever seen in my life. A club in Willesden advertising a D’J? What… the hell… is that?

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Long overdue

  1. nelly furtado says:

    Errr A DJ is a DISC JOCKEY… dem ones a da club who scratch muzic init blad!! safe ppl.. heres a joke….

    ah well 4got it already

    watch this space!

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Yes, thank you… I know what a DJ is it’s the D’J I have trouble with!

  3. Tasha says:

    HAHA to that comment. I think he actually benefited from that explanation. ooo my verification code thing starts B,R,M. Birmingham? I think so! X

  4. Helen H says:

    ‘But History is cancelled’…like that, profound sounding…

    Will you let us know when it’s up and running again?

  5. Andy Kings says:

    Our snow was better than your snow.

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