Diary of a hard-working student

My Physics lesson seems to be experiencing a bit of a boom time at the moment in finding creative alternatives to work. Our lovely new student teacher has been graced with the nickname ‘Ms Higgs Boson’ as a result of having a double-barrelled name, a geek joke if ever I heard one. My truly excellent cartoons on the backs of paper towels get stolen by Robert, while I’ve also invented the game of the century with the ‘Ran#’ button on my calculator. Yes, folks, up to know I wasn’t aware calculators could generate random numbers but now I do we’re all making up for lost time with outrages dares based on the unlikely probability of correctly picking the number it generates. I actually lost once – on the “you will buy a Mac” dare – so I’m hoping everyone at Babble has given up reading my blog else I’m in big trouble.

Not to feel outdone, History still features the admirable quest to cast a James Bond movie out of our school’s teachers. Out of interest, Mr Cain is definitely the main villain, while Mr Drummond is in the running for Bond. My dad helpfully suggested Mr Muchamore has to be Q, which I fully agree with. My vote is also with Ms Taylor for M. I hope I haven’t offended Mr Wrigley by telling him he’s slightly too moral to be a main character, probably getting killed off fairly early on. But doing something good. Like, being an informer. Sorry!

Moving swiftly on from school… last night I watched Paul Merton’s final show hosting Room 101. It’s never been amazingly laugh-out-loud funny but always interesting to ponder what you would put in yourself – at the moment my list includes buffets, Michael Winner and William Blake.

Checking the news this evening, I also see the shocking revelation that David Cameron smoked drugs at school. It is newsworthy, though, to note what common drug it was. Personally, I’m beginning to doubt whether Mr Cameron is telling the truth. This guy went to Eton and the best he could come up with was cannabis?! Mark my words – we’ll discover in 10 years time that he was actually brought up on a council estate attending Berkshire Comprehensive.

That reference to the class structure is, in fact, a neat link into my resurrected ‘shout out’ blog posts. Saoirse gets it today for deftly arguing the relative merits of Communism at lunchtime, which I’m sure is boring everyone else to death, but I love. One of the many ways in which I’m criticised is, of course, for sneakily promoting my website at school which – in a very indirect way – must surely bump up by Google AdSense by, ooh, about half a penny. But it’s still exploitation of children by indoctrinating them with advertising on Mr Kanj’s whiteboard. Hehe.

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6 Comments on :
Diary of a hard-working student

  1. Nathan says:

    You’re in big trouble.

  2. The Mighty Pingu says:

    HUGE trouble.

  3. Nic says:

    Immensley large trouble.

    *looks around shiftily*

  4. Mr Kanj says:

    Shocked to hear youve only just discovered the random number generator on your calculator. It could’ve provided you with hours of fun on those many hours you’ve had to kill after finishing exams with half the time to spare.
    Oh, and who’d be the Bond Girl(s)? Or maybe i shouldn’t ask that!

  5. The cool year 9s says:

    Saoirse is honoured to be mentioned
    I like mr Kanjs comment
    good stuff!
    From Emily and Saoirse..

  6. Andy Kings says:

    Late, I know, but on doing Logarithm work yesterday, I discovered that my new calculator doesn’t have a random number function anymore.

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