“My Half Term”, by Dominic, aged 17

Agh where has it all gone?! Half term is over and I really need to blog it before it all slips from my mind. In quick summary form, because it’s late.

Tuesday – Saw Hot Fuzz with madre. Really enjoyed this, although the ending was a bit over-long. I think this film appeals to me mostly for the scenes of a good old Londoner arriving in the countryside where his mobile phone signal is rubbish, everyone knows each other and there’s a campaign to raise money for the church roof. Frighteningly realistic

Oh and also had a haircut. Big whoop, despite almost all of my friends hating me because I’ve abandoned the ‘left-wing’ long hair. Sorry. It was curling at the back.

Wednesday – Dragged myself to Physics Practical revision day, where I slowly realised it might not be quite as bad as last year but is still going to be a monumental headache. Ms Taylor provided the inappropriate highlight of the day by angrily asking Manoj if Rishal was going to have to “sleep with your woman for you to have your children”. Haha!

Thursday – It proved to be quite the cinematic week as I watched Notes on a Scandal with Tash. At time of going to press, the Oscars haven’t quite started yet, but all bets are on for Helen Mirren to win best actress for The Queen. Well, I agree with my mum – Judi Dench deserves it more. She was wonderfully creepy as Barbara with the difficult task of carrying the film from the perspective of someone who is, quite frankly, a nasty piece of work. Emerged from cinema to meet Katie and my Grandpa who had been watching the new Hugh Grant romantic comedy (yawn) which left them in a rather cheerier mood than us, given the respective tone of their film!

(Unlike Lucy, I don’t find scenes of an Art teacher having sex with a 15 year old boy by a railway line traumatising in the slightest, even if the metaphor of having a train steam past at an opportune moment was slightly obvious, guys.)

Friday – Joshua’s 18th birthday party! I will not accept for an instant that he is 18, of course, because that means I’ll shortly be 18 too, and hence we’ll both be adults. Adults?! Ur, no. That’s not happening. However, the party was fun (for the most part!) and you can read a far more detailed description over on Sanna’s blog. Although she left off the fact that I got the best sofa and that I can’t play snooker. Probably because she was asleep at the time

Ooh and we also invented a new base unit – the fuckload (asterisked expletives are so tabloid). Well, we didn’t quite invent it but we did expand quite a bit on its usage. Examples: “Wow, there’s about 2.7 fuckloads worth of beer in the fridge!” and “The UK produces over 400 KFls (Kilofuckloads) of waste each year”. See, we’re not adults.

Saturday – Bit of a blur in the morning at least. I distinctly remember deciding to do some work in the evening, though have a funny feeling this didn’t happen.

Sunday – I attended a lovely apolitical luncheon at Emily’s with Robert and Saoirse. Also accepted an offer of babysitting! Because of course I’m a responsible adult y’know . Finally, it was also a certain anniversary and a certain brother’s birthday too. Hurrah!

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8 Comments on :
“My Half Term”, by Dominic, aged 17

  1. Lucy says:

    OK, OK. You did mention it. My mistake

  2. Helen H says:

    1st Mrch – Happy World Book Day Dom and everyone!

  3. Andy Kings says:

    I miss being at primary school and dressing up for World Book Day

  4. Red Dalek says:

    My sister Katie came to my secondary school interview (I’d already got in, it wasn’t selective ) dressed as Po on World ‘Book’ Day

  5. Helen says:

    Po was always my favourite. Kinda Existentail, I always felt (I’ve spoilt that by not spelling it right, I know)

    Whaddya mean QPCS ‘wasn’t selective’? You mean we hadn’t picked those idiots for some higher-than-I-ever-knew reason?
    (present company not included, of course )

  6. Marion says:

    Po was played by a Chinese man. Not that this is of any interest…

  7. Helen says:

    No, Marion, I’M interested, honest…..

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