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A really interesting part of my day today was helping to test a new website from UCAS, allowing prospective undergraduates to compare student satisfaction data. So I sat there, in front of a black MacBook and a mocked-up site, talking a lot about my impressions of the design. For someone who has done web design himself, it’s fascinating!

To be honest I’m sure I wasn’t that helpful because I probably knew a little too much about how the process worked. So I knew to insist that the behaviour of the search feature should fit the user model (“I want to search by subject, or uni, or both!”) and complain that there was too much vertical scrolling through menus before you got to the actual data. The guy observing chuckled to himself when I mentioned that no one ever clicks on ‘skip to content’ links. I also attempted – and failed – to click on the big logo in the top left as a way to get back to the homepage. He scribbled it down excitedly. They did have an excellent way of presenting data using colours though, where a stronger shade indicated a greater percentage of people.

It’s just fun because I’ve sat and watched people navigate my own humble web site completely differently to how I’ve designed it. Illuminating

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Website testing

  1. Lucy says:


  2. Saoirse says:

    Right-wing macho geek.

  3. Lucy says:

    Right-wing macho geek who can’t make cheese on toast.

  4. Andy Kings says:

    I can. And it made Dom wee with excitement

  5. Nic says:

    No microwave *and* can’t make cheese on toast?

    Oh, and even his captha images are political – I’ve got the department for work and pensions on mine (DWP).

  6. Helen says:

    I think we need to know more about the cheese on toast…

    ”So I sat there, in front of a black MacBook”
    recovered yet, Dom?

  7. Helen says:

    ”macho geek” troubles me as well..

  8. Red Dalek says:

    OK OK, I think we need some clarification here There was one occasion whereby I made excellent cheese on *bread* – the only issue was that toast would have been preferable. And it did become slightly burnt too. Otherwise, it was great and a good lunch was had by all.

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