Exam results! Brownies! Exam results! Tea!

Today I got exam results: a C – 56/90 – in Physics and an A – 83/100 – in Maths. Which I am pleased about, yes! I may have scraped my A in Maths but I got it, meaning I don’t have to sit the unit with most of the class in June and hence freeing up valuable time for other revision. As for Physics, it should be noted this does make me the second highest in the class and while it’s not great it doesn’t affect my university prospects because no one takes account of my 4th A-Level. So, I might retake it for personal satisfaction (why not?) but it doesn’t worry me.

Yesterday I had the best catered lessons I have ever experienced. Ms Higgs Boson baked us delicious chocolate brownies as a bribe incentive for doing our presentations, while Mr Moore served mugs of tea all round. With chocolate hob nobs. Classy!

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Exam results! Brownies! Exam results! Tea!

  1. Andy Kings says:

    According to Maths guru Mr. Green, results aren’t officially out until next week, and that centres releasing them today are breaking exam board rules. I didn’t believe him, and am annoyed that I have to wait 7 days to see how badly I did

  2. Lucy says:

    I want to know my results! This is ennuyeux.

  3. Josie says:

    I didn’t take any jan exams cus im cool

  4. Red Dalek says:

    I’m sure you won’t have done badly!

    Though I think that’s rubbish to be honest all exam boards release the results electronically to schools on the 8th March – they really expect people to wait for the paper version?

    Though maybe we just bend the rules

    [Edit – AQA even have the statistics up! http://www.aqa.org.uk/over/stat.php%5D

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