Right wing macho geek?

This evening I attended a Socialist Worker’s Party public meeting. Future employers, upholders of the brutally repressive capitalist system and petty bourgeoisie alike – don’t panic! I haven’t signed up, comrade but it was a really enjoyable evening.

I went because Saoirse spoke so highly of Lindsey German, who was speaking about women’s liberation, and because I believe it’s only fair to turn the tables around a bit for a girl who I relentlessly debate with at school. Let’s make me the minority for once!

Anyway, Lindsey spoke eloquently and perfectly reasonably about women’s liberation – a flavour of which you can read on their website. To be honest, I didn’t disagree with much, because most of it was about diagnosing the issues we face in society today. The gender pay gap? How to support single mothers going into work? The pathetically low conviction for rapes? These are all genuinely important topics to discuss, and while I don’t believe a socialist overthrow of the capitalist system is the answer, they’re intelligently argued all the same.

The fun part, however, came afterwards as we all headed to the pub downstairs and started to talk. Slowly, more and more members of the public meeting seemed to encircle our table until I was surrounded by around 20 passionate socialists. Unlike, say, religious fundamentalists, their commitment to rational argument and debate meant that is was really fun and that’s not just me enjoying being the centre of attention as the black sheep to the party though that was fun too.

I don’t relish switching from being the most right-wing person in the room to becoming the most left-wing person in the room at certain Cambridge events, I have to say

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4 Comments on :
Right wing macho geek?

  1. Emily says:

    Dom knows how to have fun

  2. helen says:

    ”I don’t relish……becoming the most left-wing person in the room at certain Cambridge events”

    Somehow, my dear, I think you’ll manage

  3. Andy Kings says:

    Did you know an anagram of Andrew Kings is "Naked Wrings"? Bet you didn’t…

  4. Red Dalek says:

    Haha I like! A quick search for an anagram website reveals I am "Sonic Dim Elf" hehe

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