Quick post, quick post…

  • I’ve practically lost my voice
  • Buttt… I’ve just printed final copies of my English and Maths coursework for this year! Double hurrah with sugar and spice and all things nice! (Though don’t use ‘nice’ in your coursework cause you’ll be shouted at.)
  • Tomorrow is the final day of school before the Easter holidays! And I’m actually going to go to bed at a reasonable time tonight. Isn’t that swell?
  • Daryl, who I respect immensely, e-mailed to say “I am very impressed with the level of discourse on your web pages”. Is it bad that I immediately scanned it several times for sarcasm?
  • The Apprentice! Triple yay with bells and whistles! Hehe every Wednesday night is now a guaranteed well of deep amusement and joy.
  • Never over-use exclamation marks! They make you look silly.

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3 Comments on :
Quick post, quick post…

  1. Lucy says:

    Emily said I can camp at hers if you ‘suggest’ me and you watch the Apprentice next Wednesday.

  2. Andy Kings says:

    Am I going on a Wednesday? Oh gosh, yes. I can honestly say I’ve never seen the Apprentice, so I am to be enlightened.

    Ooo, Dom, Doctor Who on Saturday too

  3. Josh says:

    WHAT!!!? No more quote of the Day!? This is a discrace. I am now boycotting your websire until it is back.


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