I’m in a rather wonderful mood :D

And have been since Saturday. It’s just the feeling of waking up on Saturday and knowing that the holiday is finally finally finally here. Not to mention Doctor Who is back and ooh wasn’t it good? Isn’t Martha wonderful? Of course, one of the (many) joys that Who brings is not just the programme itself, but the fannish enthusiasm. The old forum haunt at Outpost Gallifrey brought me much joy today with the following ethical question:

Should the Doctor have done more to defend the Plasmavore? OK – she was a murderer who was prepared to wipe out half the earth. However she was fighting for her life and the Judoon were not a legitimate police force but a hired mercenary gang out to impose a ruthless form of capital punishment. And this Princess may have been part of a ruthless Autocracy denying the people basic rights and freedoms.

(All credit to ‘sparacus’ for the question. The answer, incidentally, is no he shouldn’t have. Obviously. Made me laugh though.)

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I’m in a rather wonderful mood :D

  1. Rob says:

    Alrighty then. No need to panic, it’s only a TV show dear. The daleks are about as likely to invade as the cylons

    Oh, and ditto on being in a good mood. It’s nice feeling just tickety-bo isn’t it.

  2. Katie Self says:

    Poor Plasmavore, poor blood-sucking, straw-stealing, child-scaring Plasmavore.

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