“I do watch my sugar intake; I watch it as I’m eating it”

Henceforth, this shall be my new motto! Yes, one of the many delights of having Lucy round for the past few days has been my attempt to convince her that it’s OK to eat three desserts if they are sufficiently different. I think it’s fair to say I failed

Seriously though, we had a rather wonderful time since Monday, including a mass pilgrimage to Camden and a night trek along South Bank which Lucy can describe far better than I can. She did leave out my glorious attempt at cooking though: it was pizza, which was fine, except that it was slightly out of date, which was slightly less fine, and especially since the end result was grey. Grey and stringy. Yummy student life awaits!

Oh and I’m going to throw in a , because it’s my blog I can, she deserves it and I’m in a good mood! As with Lucy, though, I have slightly lost track of time now. The first week of the Easter holidays has almost passed but it’s OK, because there’s plenty more time to get everything done. Oh, and Andy’s coming next week, hurrah! I’m thinking that we should go to South Bank at night, after going with Lucy made me realise how I should have done it a lot earlier – and show off London more – rather than just pointing at my school.

Over at the Self home, the head of the household (mother, of course… ) has fractured her wrist which is now in a cast. Whilst ice skating, I believe, which I guess is something. Cause y’know, at least it’s exciting, and therefore gives you some kudos. So, why not be the first to comment this official ‘get well soon’ post? (Because it’s a cheap plot for comments, Dominic, and you know it. Still, be the first. The first! Or the second…)

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“I do watch my sugar intake; I watch it as I’m eating it”

  1. Lucy says:


  2. GG says:

    I’m rather surprised to learn that some people DON’T have three desserts. Incidently – shouldn’t we be called them "puddings" or is that word going out of fashion with the youth of today?

  3. Red Dalek says:

    You know what, I’ve always called it dessert! Apparently pudding is more ‘British’, but then we have a sweetie bag in our house too, so I think we’d lost convention anyway…

  4. Emily says:

    Get well soon Mrs Self

  5. Andy Kings says:

    Gosh darn Emily beat me too it. I bet I get lost on Wednesday, Dom, I’m actually scared I end up in Melton Mowbray because I get on the wrong line. It’ll be fun al the same, I’m sure

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