I am three!

Well, this blog was three on Friday. And because I believe strongly in doing research for these posts, a quick search informs me that three year olds “have very little memory for past events” (see?) – which in the case of this blog is probably a good thing. Still, I should still post to mark the occasion

A three year old “enjoys making others laugh and being silly” and this brings me on neatly to my first topic: my last post. The idea of poking fun at the population of London being the same as the UK was not, as it may appear, to mock the school displays – the carefully put-together, impressively presented and under-appreciated school displays which people put a lot of time into! Instead, it was a bit of an in-joke about Londonish arrogance which has nothing whatsoever to do with the school. Promise! Any upset is much regretted.

(Blimey… I hope I’m not going to have to start getting into apology captions and voiceovers with contrite announcers next!)

Moving on swiftly, after Saoirse nagging me daily about reading more books I decided to finally tuck into Spam Kings: a non-fiction romp through the world of e-mail spamming chosen mainly to spite her and her well-written enjoyable fiction. She wasn’t too upset to de-invite me from Saoirse’s Big Sunday Out (TM) though, which included a stop-dash tour round the Science Museum, Westminster Cathedral and that little patch of grass by the London Eye. Do you notice a theme here, readers? I do – free! We’ll do science, we’ll do religion (well not really but we’ll go in and admire the windows) and we’ll do grass stains as long as it’s all free. Hooray for teenagers

Here’s to what should be a good week: History’s Individual Assignment should be finished by the end of it, and a four-day weekend will start! Excellent!

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4 Comments on :
I am three!

  1. amber says:

    very late to be blogging..
    the sunday sounds fun, i did that a few weeks ago (tip: dont walk to buckingham palace if you want to feel your feet the next day.

    and happy birthday blog!

  2. Saoirse says:

    That was fun…

    I’m almost glad my itinerary was completely ignored and ruined. Almost.

    Also, Amber, I’m shocked by your punctuation. Aren’t you meant to be a girl possessing complete genius? But the idea you were commenting at two AM may force me to forgive.

  3. Lucy says:

    It also says that a three-year-old ‘talks so that 75 to 80 percent of his speech is understandable’.


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